How to change app icons with shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad on iOS 14

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Starting iOS 14, you can change app icons with Shortcuts app. In this article I’ll show you How to change app icons with shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad on iOS 14

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To change app icons with shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad do the following:

  1. Get the pack of icons, for example this one and move icons to your iPhone/iPad.Copy the icons from the pack to your iPhone (You can do it via Dropbox, Airdrop, Photos app or other method to transfer photos.

2. After you moved icons, on your iPhone/iPad open Shortcuts app. Just search for shortcuts. Your device must have iOS 14+ installed.

3. In Shortcuts app tap on the plus + button at the top right corner to add a new Shortcut.

4. Tap on the + “Add Action” button and tap on “Scripting”

5. Tap the “Open App” button and tap on “Choose” to select the app. For example let’s select the Camera app, but you can choose any app You want.

6. Tap the ellipsis with 3 dots icon and tap on “Add to Home Screen Button”

7. Edit the name of your App Shortcut (In our example we will name it Camera, but you can name it as you like).

8. Tap on the Icon and tap on the Choose Photo button and select the icon from the Photos Library.

9. Tap on the “Add” and the shortcut will appear on your home screen. Tap on it and it will open the shortcuts app and after that it will open your app.

10. Repeat the same process for another icons (apps).

Please, Keep in mind the following:

1. App shortcuts briefly open the shortcuts app first, and there is no notification badges on shortcut apps.

2. Each app icon shortcut should be set manually using instructions included in the purchase.

3. Your device must have iOS 14 + installed in order to setup an icon

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